Friday, 21 March 2014


Kriev's building a charcoal kiln to carbonize wood into charcoal fuel for our blacksmithing. Coal sources are unreliable and unenvironmental and propane is very expensive. Having more time than money, Kriev's decided to give charcoal a try. Pine works best, but we'll take any softwood scraps. We'd love free scraps, but maybe there'll be a small hand-forged token of gratitude in the deal?! email ,Krev pikelakeforge(.)blogspot(.)ca Thank you!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Commission City

Things are still moving and shaking!

Next on my to do list is making book stand(s) for local author Duncan Weller.  It's exciting because his art and stories are so vibrant, full of life, animals and plants!  It's going to be a grand adventure, so be sure to check in later to see the final product!

Check out Duncan's website:

....aside from that I have yet another commission for Elfarrow Apparel and have got my hands on a bending break!  Looking forward to these projects and bending some steel!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Forged vs. Cast Bronze

Click the link below to take a look at an awesome sculpture by Joseph Anderson.  Joseph was inspired by Giacometti and created an interesting forged surface.  Giacometti worked with bronze so it's interesting to compare the methods and see how awesome a forged surface can appear.

Here's a link to Joesph Anderson's sculpture

And a link to Giacometti's work:

Falling Man, by Giacometti

Saturday, 8 March 2014

What's New and Exciting at Art's?

Art's Gallery has new hours: 
Tues.-Wed.: 10am-4pm
Thurs.-Sat.: 10am-7pm
Sun.-Mon.: closed

We are also super excited to welcome a new gallery member: 
Joyce Seppala Designs!

Be sure to come by soon to check out our transforming space.