Pike Lake Forge, founded in 2013, creates ornamental and functional works of art utilizing old tools and blacksmithing methods alongside modern metalworking techniques. Wherever possible, the steel is forged, making it corrosion resistant and beautifying indoor and outdoor spaces for generations. Annually, PLF showcases their work at the Waterfront Art Sale, Hymer’s Fall Fair and Artisans Northwest. Their artwork can also be found in their online Etsy store and locally, forged fire tools and wall hooks can be found at Bob’s Woodburners and bottle openers at Sleeping Giant Brewing Company.

Owner Carol Kajorinne (HBFA) is a multidisciplinary emerging artist and arts educator who works part time as Artistic Director with CAHEP (Community Arts & Heritage Education Project). Kristen “Kriev” Krievin (BA) is a custodian by day, and blacksmith by night and in his spare time is a drummer for Phineas Gauge. Alongside Shane McLeod (Ugly Wolf Forge) and inspired by Dave Hanson, in 2013 Krievin and Kajorinne founded a local Thunder Giant Metalsmith Guild. Pike Lake Forge is devoted to rejuvenating the art of blacksmithing in NW Ontario, and in 2015 was awarded a Starter Company grant from the Community Economic Development Commission to purchase a power hammer.

Kajorinne and Krievin learn the artform through reading, attending guild meetings, conferences and workshops. They have learnt with smiths Dave Hanson, Tom Latane, and Jeffrey Funk, to name a few. In the fall of 2016, Krievin travelled to Europe to partake in the creation of a forged cenotaph railing (to commemorate those who suffered in The Great War) in Ypres under master Iron sculptor, Roberto Giordani. Along his journey Krievin visited Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium, attending conferences, partaking in competitions, and forging connections with smiths from around the world. To hear more about Pike Lake Forge’s journey, be sure to follow them on Facebook!


Kristen Krievin is a meticulous smith who likens blacksmithing to the tempo and dynamics of drumming, which he has been playing since age 13. Be sure to check out the band "Phineas Gauge" Kriev has been playing with since 2006: http://www.reverbnation.com/phineasgauge

Please note that in early 2015 PLF moved into the Pike Lake Homestead built in the 1920's, and thus do not have access to internet or cell service. Please be patient with orders or conversation, we will get back to you and appreciate your support!

Preferred mode of contact is via email: pikelakeforge@gmail.com



The CEDC wrote a great article on PLF in their Winter 2015 Newsletter:



To hear about how Carol found herself working with metal, visit


Interview with Carol as Secretary of the Thunder Giant Metalsmith Guild,
with Jenifer Norwell, aired on CBC 88.3fm:


Carol is a multi-diciplinary artist and educator, and was interviewed by Cahep Nov.2014:

Carol Kajorinne: Artist Statement

           Carol Kajorinne (HBFA) is an emerging, multidisciplinary artist living in Robinson Superior Treaty, just north of Thunder Bay on land her Finnish ancestors homesteaded in the early 1920’s. Kajorinne has been working as an arts educator since 2010, a program coordinator since 2012, and recently accepted the position of Artistic Director with CAHEP (Community Arts and Heritage Education Project).  In 2012 she was awarded an Ontario Arts Council Northern Arts grant for the Preserving Harold Project, which was part of a two-person exhibition Preservation | Desire to Fill at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery in 2015 and is currently on tour with the Manitoba Arts Network. Kajorinne has received numerous grants and is a founding member of Thunder Giant Metalsmith Guild and Satellite Studio Artist Collective. In 2015 she became a core team member of YSI (Youth Social Infrastructure Collaborative) in effort to build a resilient and equitable youth sector.

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