Thursday, 23 January 2014

Art's Gallery

It was Thanksgiving when I gave my Granny, Vaari and Mummu a tour of Art's Gallery.  
We weren't even open yet, but mostly everything was in it's place.  
The Preserving Harold Project (P.H.P. was on display in the back room, all my art supplies in order in my studio space, the large gallery had things on the wall -- the front till area had slat board up, showcasing Hide 5's leatherwork... 
and Mummu says, "Call me Old Fashioned, but that front room is the Store.  This back here (pointing to where the PHP is set up) is where your family lives."
I wish it could be that easy.  Mummu's family had a General Store at Pike Lake -- it was most definately a lot smaller than this huge gallery.  But here at Art's we can dream big, create anything we put our mind to -- there's tons of room to grow.

Photo of Kriev and Alan aka "Shroud" playing 
at  the grand opening of Art's Gallery on Nov. 1st 2013.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Metalsmith Guild

Metalsmith Guild!

Alas last night was the beginning of a metalsmith guild in our own Thunder Bay. Since I first picked up the hammer last year, I have been meeting people who possess a drive to heat and beat metal. A year and a half ago, I had no idea that people still blacksmith. Today, we are making steps toward regular meetings and hangouts where we can pool resources, knowledge and experience. I am moved by the enthusiasm by the college professors, catching a glimpse of what passion for life these people have brewing inside. Thanks to Jim Dyson for meeting with us. Our 2nd scheduled meeting will be Feb. 21st. If you are interested in becoming part of a metalsmith guild email me at for more details.  In the mean time I look forward to forging with Ugly Wolf and Tyler Smith.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pikey-Lakey Mummu

I can’t stop thinking about Mummu 
...and what she’s lived through.  
Pike Lake at one time didn’t have power.  
When I was a kid we had a “party-line”, 
and when my grandparents got married out there, they used lanterns.  
To get to Pike Lake they rode in a horse and carriage 
over rocky terrain from a completely different direction!  
Mummu’s mother wore a corset!  
Now Mummu’s nearly 94 years old and looks at my art and thinks:
 “I don’t get these modern abstract paintings.” And I understand why. 
  Just because someone has lived through the times, seen it all, done it all 
doesn’t mean they are modern themselves.  
People grow up with experiences, not always understandings.  
And even though she doesn’t get it, she’s not discouraging, she’s just being honest. 
Honest from her era.