Thursday, 31 July 2014

Good night, Pike Lake

There is nothing
more beautiful. . .
Than loons singing 
Midnight. . .
at Pike Lake.

. . . and as they pause, 

the consistent croaking of frogs 
take over my eardrums yet again. . .

Good night, 

Pike Lake 
Sleep tight
May you rest in peace.

Loon Night Reflection by Kayeri Akweks

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Visiting our Sister City anytime soon?

We gotta make it by the Bally Blacksmith Tent sometime.  Just letting everyone know about the place in case you're doing the day trip to Grand Marais! I think I saw something beginning to stir there last time we were in town...

"The Cook County Historical Society hosts the Bally Blacksmith Tent most Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.  Everyone is welcome to learn about the renovation of the old blacksmith shop, identify mystery artifacts, share stories and enjoy coffee and cider.  The tent is behind the Bally Blacksmith Shop on the corner of Broadway and 1st St.  More information from the Historical Society at 387-2883." 

Find out more at these links:

Friday, 25 July 2014

PLF is going to Toronto!

So here I am,
Sitting in bed doing some late night computing after a peaceful sauna and swim in Pike Lake.
It's 10:30pm on a Friday night, and I'm eager to go to bed to wake up tomorrow and load everything up for the Y-art sale.  I was so sleepy, when suddenly....
I realize I received a confirmation email from Craft Ontario saying Pike Lake Forge has been accepted into the upcoming show in Toronto this October! WHooo HOooo!  Try go to sleep now! ha!

Meanwhile, I was a little unsure if we would get in, because I knew I hadn't sent the greatest images I could have. But I knew the work was great. Here's the hillarious "Booth Collage" I sent to show what the table will look like. Hahaa, but at least you get a good idea of what everything looks like together right? And it's to the point.  We're so excited.

And with that note, I'm off to bed to dream about tomorrow! ;)
Maybe we can swing down to Rochester to meet my idol Albert Paley during the same trip! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

...It's time to make PLF soar!

Well, I've been a little busy lately and at times overwhelmed....
Basically PLF is in the midst of writing a stellar business plan, with the help of the CEDC Business Starter program!  It's about time to take this artform to a new level and use this plan to apply for funding!  Imagine what we can do with a Power HAMMER! ...and a sweet set up!  I mean, I love hanging out in my Dad's shop, but that's the catch - it's his.  As I'm hammering, my anvils bouncing around, as we're using the vise to twist things we're trying to anchor it with our weight, or as the image below with pieces of steel pounded into the ground. (Dad has a heated floor -- so can't bolt anything down.).  With my own space I'd love to have the freedom to bring out other smiths and collaborate at ease.  . . what a Dream!

So now we're trying to sort out our dreams and aspirations and where we'd like to settle... we have an idea, but who knows what the future has in store?  We're super excited though, which helps fuel this paperwork portion and I'm sure as we travel to the ABANA Conference in Aug. we'll talk to many smiths that will inspire us!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Precious Metals on St. Paul St. Sept. 13th!

We're excited to be participating in the upcoming Precious Metals show Sept. 13th.  Come by and show your support, or if you're a metalsmith, register asap to secure your spot!
Looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Carol Made a Table!

Check it out, 
I finally fabricated a swivel table with some forged arms to hold the glass.  
Next to do is create an ornamental forged table!  
But I must admit, I do really love this fabricated one. 
Stop by Art's Gallery (12 St. Paul St, Thunder Bay) and see it for yourself. :)