Friday, 26 February 2016

Trip to Abana 2014

Often we find ourselves reminiscing about the fantastic experience we had at the ABANA Conference, and trip there. Visiting Washington National Cathedral, Albert Paley's show at the Corcoran- it was truly an amazing trip! At Abana they had ten demonstration tents with smiths from around the globe, as well as opportunities to sit in on artist talks, a hands-on workshops in drawing or forging, among many other things to occupy your time. Here's a snapshot of our experience…

Photo Credit: Carol Kajorinne


Putnam Familiy, from Mexico.

Meticulous Metal Smiths!


…the line up for dinner! No Joke.

…a forged... ROCK?!

Peter Renzeti making a miniature scale version of the Putnam Family creating their copper vessels. He worked late into the night and then gifted it, as a surprise, to them the following day.

Some copper vessels for sale by the Putnam Family.