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Well, our official guild name is: Thunder Giant Metalsmith Guild (TGMG).

Guild Secretary Carol Kajorinne had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jenifer Norwel of CBC! Listen here:

If you'd like to receive a monthly emailed newsletter containing dates and locations of upcoming meetings or events, send Carol and email at: 
Sept. 2014

Join TGMG at Prince Arthurs Landing for Culture Days Sat. the 27th of Sept!

Aug. 2014

TGMG & their first public demonstration at the 103rd Annual Hymers Fall Fair! 
We couldn't have asked for a better location or a better crowd.
TGMG was well recieved and enjoyed the weekend -- hope to see everyone back at the fair next year!

April 9/14
"GNOM"? "Guild of North-western Ontario Metlsmiths" is one of the names suggested to be title of a metalsmith guild in the region. Any more suggestions out there? We've selected officials, and our next meeting will be: Sunday April 27th 2pm at Shane MacLeod’s (Ugly Wolf Forge). Please bring something small to enter into the raffle (piece of steel, magazine...) and we will have a potluck, so please bring a dish and your hungry bellies!

Mar. 30/14
Well, we nominated our officials and are deciding on an official name. We will host our gatherings on the 4th Sunday, Monthly. Most often these will take place at Ugly Wolf Forge, but the odd trip to the College Machine Shop or elsewhere will happen too. Contact myself (Carol, now officially the Secretary) at if you wish to attend and I will provide you the information.
Looking forward to this grand adventure!

Mar. 08/14
Do you reside in the Thunder Bay district and are interested in becoming a part of a metalsmith club?  Please email, and Carol will ad you to our email list, inviting you to meetings and also sending you the meeting minutes.
Upcoming meeting:
  Sun. March 23 2014
  at Ugly Wolf Forge
*Please send an email to receive details.


Lake Superior Metalsmiths: Canadian Branch

Dave Hanson from Minnesota has been an awesome mentor for Kriev and I.  Not only has he been providing us with great experiences and teaching us technique, we also became members of their Lake Superior Metal Smiths club.  Realizing the potential a group of blacksmiths has when working together, Kriev and I set out to bring the branch North into Canada. It's hard to believe N.W. Ontario doesn't have many guilds.
So we've spent the past year attending various shows, and no matter where we are, we meet or hear of someone blacksmithing out there... hiding somewhere in this vast isolate region. Well January 9th 2014 marks the first Lake Superior Metalsmith's (Canadian) meeting here in Thunder Bay.  Attendance wasn't large (5 people), but we also did not go viral with invitations.  So our next meeting will be advertised to all interested, and will be Feb. 21st 2014 at Confederation College.  We'll post more details in the future.
We really all had a great time chatting about our current set up, experiences and knowledge.  We believe this is only the beginning to some awesome collaborative experiences!
If you want to connect to the Lake Superior Metal Smiths in MN, USA visit:

One of our founding members: Shane MacLeod has a Facebook page for "Ugly Wolf Forge"  check him out: 

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