Saturday, 28 June 2014

TGMG Meeting tomorrow!

Well, it's the last Sunday in June, so that means we're having another Thunder Giant Metalsmith Guild meeting! It'll be nice to touch base with everyone again and plan for the future. So far our winter project will be to build a power hammer!  yeaaa haaww!

Anyways, are you a metalsmith? Come to the meeting tomorrow at Ugly Wolf Forge's place.
June 29th at 2pm.
Call Carol at 807-708-4612 for directions.
It's a potluck, and Carol will be demonstrating how to make a simple handle to finish off Krievs past roasting fork demo.

Friday, 27 June 2014

A prelude to working with steel.

"Rusting Rock" by Carol Kajorinne
Plaster, steel, acrylic paint

So before I began creating artwork primarily from steel, I was imitating it.  Some pieces are still around and are for sale at Art's Gallery (12 St. Paul St., Thunder Bay ).  Sometimes I'd like to imagine them in my life forever, as they are pinnacle points in my artistic development, and thus are some of my favourite and most exciting works.

"Rust Abstract"
by Carol Kajorinne
wood, concrete, steel, acrylic paint

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


"Equipoise" Steel Mirror by Carol Kajorinne of Pike Lake Forge, 2013.

I just felt like sharing this small steel mirror I created.  
It's my favourite small mirror to date, and now lives with my friend and talented artist Murielle. :) 
So happy it lives in a nice home, and is near.  
I can't wait to visit it years from now to see if it remains a favourite!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Carlos Mare

My friend Mark Neisenholt shared this artist with me:

Carlos Mare is a NYC based sculptor/ painter/ scholar/ US Cultural Ambassador who in 1985 pioneered a novel version of urban graffiti as modern sculpture.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Is Frank Turley coming to Tbay?

Well, I sent a message to Frank Turley who opened one of the first blacksmithing schools in the US back in the 70s.  He's interested in coming up to Thunder Bay!  So now we have to start organizing a course...or maybe a conference? Perhaps for next year. :)  He's sending all the information we need to get organized.  Thanks Frank!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Blacksmithing as a Business

If you're interested in blacksmithing as a business, you may want to read this online article by Nol Putnam ( published in ANVIL Magazine, January, 1996:

This line stands out for me, as "upholding a standard" is something I think about often.  Any artist shouldn't undersell their work:
"... Its true that the customer should not be charged for your education. But once learned, you deserve to be paid for all of your work. And too, you will be undercutting your smithing neighbor who knows the value of his work. Not fair to them."

Wanna learn more about typical charges?  Nol also suggests watching a tape from Walt Scadden, P.O. Box 8116, Buckland Station, Manchester, CT 06040, at $12.95 + 1.95 for shipping.

He closes the article by stating: "Don't be ashamed to know the nuts and bolts of your work as well as the joy it brings to your soul."  

A good read.