Friday, 11 November 2016

A sneak preview

Here's a glimpse of our booth at Artisans Northwest: 

Forged cork screw, Vainamoinen Bottle Opener, and serving forks by Kristen "Krev" Krievin.

Wall mounted bottle opener.

Fire tools!

Wall hooks.

Hope to see you at booth #14!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Gothic Leaf Charm

We were introduced to Gothic style metalwork when attending a Guild of Metalsmiths Fall Conference two years ago. Ernie Dorril III made these beautiful Gothic style leaves that would adorn lamps.  

Here you see that same Gothic style leaf Krev has forged into a charm. You can wear it around your neck or attach it to a key chain.

Thanks to Ernie Dorill III and to the Guild of Metalsmiths for sharing skills with us and many other smiths!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

For the first time, Pike Lake Forge will be participating in the October Studio Walkabout!

The October Studio Walkabout is an Annual Studio Tour and Art Sale with eight professional artists in four homes all within walking distance in College heights / Port Arthur. We will be crating our things to the home of Tim Alexander to set up for the weekend. Hope to see you there, details can be found below or on Facebook:

Friday Oct 14 6-9pm
Saturday Oct 15 10am-4pm
Sunday Oct 16 12-4pm

The Sale features pottery, sculpture, paintings, drawings, prints wrought ironwork, stone carving and glass. Members this year include:

Tim Alexander, Carol Kajorinne & Kristen Kreivin,

Mark Nisenholt, Kasia Piech, 

Liz & Peter Powlowski, Deb Spear 

Damon Dowbak.

Admission is free.
Look for the banners at the locations on the map.

Information cards with maps are available at:
Definetly Superior,
Sweet North Bakery
and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Raspberry Island 2016

Here we all are at Sandy Lake Forge, attending a blacksmithing class led by Thomas Latane. We now have a couple rod iron hammers with welded high carbon steel (1075) faces to finish up! Began the chasing process, and inlaying copper on a sample piece too.

Thanks to Gary and Janet Hill for being such accomodating hosts. We had a spectacular time filled with laughter and hammering.

Practicing our striking…

Sunday, 24 April 2016

TGMG meeting today

It's always great to gather with fellow metalsmiths. Thanks goes out to Michael who brought some loot for us to pick through- very exciting and appreciated. 

Kriev used the top fuller he bought off Michael to forge a curved chisel for the treadle hammer. He and Shane had a blast striking.

Going home feeling excited about Blacksmithing and inspired by their straw bale garden.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

We`ve updated our online store!

Be sure to visit our online Etsy store! 

If you reside in the Thunder Bay region, we can deliver the item to you and avoid shipping costs. 
Simply email us at with a picture of the item of interest. 
We accept cash or credit for these types of orders.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Trip to Abana 2014

Often we find ourselves reminiscing about the fantastic experience we had at the ABANA Conference, and trip there. Visiting Washington National Cathedral, Albert Paley's show at the Corcoran- it was truly an amazing trip! At Abana they had ten demonstration tents with smiths from around the globe, as well as opportunities to sit in on artist talks, a hands-on workshops in drawing or forging, among many other things to occupy your time. Here's a snapshot of our experience…

Photo Credit: Carol Kajorinne


Putnam Familiy, from Mexico.

Meticulous Metal Smiths!


…the line up for dinner! No Joke.

…a forged... ROCK?!

Peter Renzeti making a miniature scale version of the Putnam Family creating their copper vessels. He worked late into the night and then gifted it, as a surprise, to them the following day.

Some copper vessels for sale by the Putnam Family.