Friday, 27 March 2015

No pain, no gain thats the name of the game, the game is growing pains!

Learning sometimes seems to go slow. But keeping at er. Feeling in the dark most of the time. The books I have help light the way somewhat but the only way to find the way is to go it yourself. Get out there and light the forge in the spirit that your about to learn something. It may turn out okay… or great or it could be a complete flop. Good experience or bad experience; it matters not, for you had an experience.

Smithing is the art of moving metal and the material is mysterious. The only way to discover her secrets is to engage yourself with her. I can read books all day but the only way you're going to get anywhere is to dive right in. 

The solid iron bars are the blank canvas upon which an infinite variety of possibilities lay dormant. It is the result of a special interaction, a unique interaction that takes place in the heat of the moment, when the steel is aglow. What you choose to do the instant the piece is drawn from the fire and brought to the anvil initiates a relationship. The art of smithing is a two-way street. The metal moves guided by the hammer, and depending on the experience and sensitivity of the smith, taking whatever form the smith desires. But sensitivity and experience are not won easily. they come from familiarity with the material. All good relationships are built on trust and respect. And trust and respect is won through familiarity. It is through familiarity that one gains a respect for how the Iron wants to move. Through this respect, trust is born. The smith, knowing his material can achieve whatever form desired.

Friday, 20 March 2015

What a Wizard!

Kriev finally forged a Wizard bottle opener. You'll find them for sale at Sleeping Giant Brewery!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pike Lake Forge: Keeping Pike Lake Alive

What wonderful news we have to share!
To our surprise, just as Mummu's homestead was about to be sold to someone outside the family,
My Granny called my Father to check in - give him one last chance.
And my parents jumped in and bought it!
And so not only is it staying in the family, they have asked Kriev and I if we would like to build our life there, and so we will be the future owners of the homestead! 
We're moving in this summer!

At first, I wasn't really believing what I was hearing, and was trying not to get my hopes up.
All along, my heart longed for the land, but I just let the situation be, knowing it was beyond my means to purchase at this point in time. It was out of my hands. I knew whatever was going to happen, was a suppose to happen. Now that this news is starting to settle in, we are elated. 
We feel so blessed.

Mummu looked me directly in the eyes and said "Keep Pike Lake Alive". 
I took those words to heart, and thought many times, "what does this mean?"
Wondering if this was a task for me, the family- who and how?
Of course she wanted the homestead to stay in the family, so that was the logical explanation. 
But what if it wasn't to stay in the family- what then? Keep the spirit alive how?
At times, I believed I could keep Pike Lake alive in spirit, through our business. 
Mummu is everywhere.
Maybe that's enough?
Other times, I knew, if I stayed at Pike Lake, Mummu would watch over me.
Thinking back on her saying those words to me, I wonder if perhaps Mummu knew my future?
All we know now, Mummu is smiling down on us.
 I am lucky to have a supportive family to help us get started on such a special piece of land.
And we cannot wait to put on our new roof and build a future at Pike Lake!

…I think Mummu may have had a part in this destiny of ours...