Working the Steel

You will also find many more photos of our work on our Facebook Page:

Kriev forging a scroll.

One of Kriev's Wizard Bottle Openers. Available at Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

A sample of how Kriev cuts off a piece of steel.

Krievs forged Octopus Candelabra.

Kriev's "Bringer of Light" Wall Sconce 
Forged for the Toronto Craft Ontario Showcase Nov. 2014.


Kriev designed and forged this one-of-a-kind sconce using traditional joinery.
(No electric welding).

May 2014

Carol forges a custom Candelabra.

Forging the base.

Kriev helping me forge the bottom flat while punching holes.

Decided to stop fighting the urge to incorporate MIG welding. I had the goal of creating a blacksmithed candelabra without any modern techniques... why when modern is what I do? I embraced it and even made welding some of the key decorative elements. 

For this twist, 
I hammered down three corners 
and chiseled three lines before twisting (one or two hours later).

All squeaky clean - one of the simple things needing to be done...

Finito! :) 
the treasure chest under the roots. One of the decorative welding elements I mentioned above.

What a wonderful project :)
I call the Candelabra "Water Catcher".

Kriev forges an UGG! 
An amazing creature from local author Duncan Weller's book: The Ugg and the Drip.
  Kriev made some tongs to hold the Ugg. My Nephew didn't want to let go of that adorable creature!


 "I didn't ask to exist"

Carol has completed "Community Cup," a commission for local eatery: 
The Bean Fiend Cafe and Sandwich Bar.
Stop by 194 Algoma St. in Thunder Bay and partake in this great "Pay it Forward" program. :)

Kriev Forges A Shovel

Nov. 2013

Steel Viking created by Carol Kajorinne:
 A commission for a couple of awesome Viking Fans.

Elfarrow Apparel 2013 Commission
Visit Elfarrow Apparel at 196 Algoma St. South in Thunder Bay.

Kriev made:
-14 Basket Twists,
-12 Brackets (including all Rivets..some brackets had three)
-1 steel grate

Carol made:
-the Elfarrow Sign (and hand painted "apparel")
-3 steel boxes (one so large it had to come apart to get it through the door-Thanks Tanya for helping!),
-3 waterfalls,
-4 Butterfly Hooks
-2 pyramid shelves

Together we also made a set of two steel stands with a crossbar, installed the sign as well as all brackets inside.  What a fun Project!  Thanks Kyley for the inspiring opportunity. And today for requesting us make the odd item here and there ;)

Kriev makes Brackets!
...rivets for brackets...

Basket Twists!

Pyramid Shelf by Carol

Now Let's make 3 cubes!

My friend and helper Tanya :)

 The largest box had to be engineered so that it could fit through the doorway to Elfarrow. All boxes fit inside one another.

A stand for Amethyst by Carol.

Making the Sign!  So fun!  Took a Long time to install...

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